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Copywriting benefits

7 Best Copywriting Benefits in Digital Marketing

As digital marketing activities grow, copywriting benefits is becoming more critical due to its value to rank web content and increase online sales. Nowadays, there are a ton of websites on the Internet, so the real challenge is to make your website and brand visible on search engines, to position it better thanks to SEO techniques, but above all, to make it recognizable and winning: with the right tone of voice, content and textual content for your audience.

Therefore, creating persuasive, easy-to-read, and SEO-friendly content with engaging strategies that allow you to create an online community is essential.

Do you need copywriting in your business? Read on and find out!

What is copywriting?

When we talk about copywriting, we refer to the writing of persuasive and advertising texts whose main task is to attract and capture the target audience’s attention to generate a sale and an advantage over the competition.

Copywriting requires specific skills not only limited to the marketing field but also creativity and linguistic skills.

Likewise, in a content marketing strategy for a brand, it is necessary to understand and know how to exploit another writing and content creation technique to make texts search engine friendly, called “SEO Copywriting.”

SEO copywriting consists in creating web content following copywriting rules and, at the same time, optimizing for search engines, being able to respond to users’ search intentions.

What is the difference between copywriting and content marketing?

Content marketing is broader and encompasses a whole strategy, including creating quality content to attract potential customers. In other words, content marketing focuses on creating a strategic plan considering a previous study of the brand that allows you to formulate how the brand will communicate with its target audience.

Thus, content marketing focuses on strategic planning and defines what type of content will be used. Meanwhile, copywriting elaborates the content through a series of strategies that facilitate fulfilling the copy’s objective.

Copywriting benefits in your marketing strategy

Creating a content marketing strategy will make you achieve results faster regarding brand awareness and brand identity, both essential in digital marketing in the United States. At UX Infinix wants to share the main reasons why you should start using copywriting:

1. You can tell and “sell” your story.

To empathize with its audience, a brand must have a story with a narrative based on values and a specific vision that has led to the creation of a brand and its products. Thanks to techniques that target the proper conversion process, you can tell and, above all, sell a story: that of your brand.

Professional Copywriters

For example, your mission was the creation of 100% natural products because you are tired of using elements that are harmful to the skin and the environment; for this reason, you have created a line of cosmetics and detergents that are at the same time: natural, chemical-free, not tested on animals, etc. This line has been trendy in the last period, as more and more people love the environment and want to preserve it.

With this information, you can now create storytelling highlighting what motivated you to create your brand, its values, concerns, how it will improve the world, and where it wants to grow. The important thing is to know how to tell the story correctly.

Tips for leveraging good storytelling:

  • Know how to tell the right story.
  • Explain the context behind your story.
  • Engage the user and make them get to know your brand better.
  • Include your storytelling in your copywriting strategy.

2. Enhance your brand identity

Valuable content is an indispensable resource for users to identify with your brand, allowing you to achieve positive experiences with them and turn them into brand ambassadors beyond a simple purchase.

Likewise, by using the right combination of content marketing and copywriting, you can create a business card for your brand that will attract your audience’s attention and improve your relationship with them.

It’s wonderful!

3. Good copy sticks in the mind

Some expressions remain engraved forever in the customer’s mind. Most of them have been created by a copywriter.

Writing a viral copy is undoubtedly a winning weapon. Because it will remain engraved in the mind of your customers and, consequently, every time they hear it, they will immediately think of the brand and the products or services you offer.

4. Content is the heart of digital marketing

Content marketing, storytelling, SEO copywriting, and traditional copywriting are at the core of every strategy. At the heart of every digital marketing strategy is written content. For example, written content is the basis of blogging, email marketing, social media, display ads, and Google Ads.

Therefore, the content you use in your digital marketing campaign will be the anchor that will keep your potential customers on your website, the impulse to make the first purchase, and why they will come back to buy new products or services, thanks to the proper loyalty process.

5. The right content increases your ROI

With the proper content creation and an excellent copywriting strategy, it is possible to obtain a higher ROI. Content marketing not only precedes traditional marketing tactics, but it attracts many visitors to your website, and with consistent content production, site traffic will increase, and consequently, conversions will also improve.

SEO Copywriter

Thanks to copywriting, it is possible to carve the path for your potential customers, providing valuable information at each stage of the buying cycle, thus taking the user to the next stage of your sales funnel.

In this way, you will be able to:

  • Increase the loyalty of your existing customers.
  • Generate more leads than with traditional advertising methods.
  • Improve the conversions of your digital marketing campaign.

6. It is helpful in the creation of multimedia content

If you have an online brand and want optimal results, you must create textual, visual, and multimedia content. Users who browse online are interested in content in multiple formats, the main ones being: videos, images, memes, infographics, e-books, articles, and guides.

In this sense, you can use copywriting benefits to create well-detailed and structured scripts for your videos. In this way, every sentence mentioned will maintain coherence with your digital marketing campaign in the United States.

7. Gain users’ attention

Nowadays, the competition for users’ attention has moved to the Internet, and whoever wins the users’ attention will hold the ultimate sales prize. Remember that consumers do research online, which is a fundamental part of their buying process.

According to Hubspot, 80% of people are more motivated to buy a product from a specific brand if it has content to understand its history, values, and quality.

Likewise, nowadays, people spend up to 20% of their time-consuming content on the Internet, and 70% of online users watch videos and post on social networks or blogs about the brands they are interested in. Most people check their smartphones when they wake up to read emails, the news, their social networks, and watch videos before going to work.

Are you going to be included in the digital world?


At the heart of an excellent digital marketing strategy are: studies, analysis, and data reading are essential, but they are not enough alone. The way to take advantage of the information we have about our customers, competitors, and market is through content, which is the basis of the digital marketing campaign, and allows a proper execution.

Likewise, copywriting benefits will help you connect with the audience you want to reach, helping customers understand the brand, generate interest, and identify with it and what it proposes. At UX Infinix can help you to get the great copywriting benefits in the United States, so contact us right now!

Are you ready to use copywriting in your campaigns?

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Why is copywriting so important?

Copywriting benefits are essential because they help to create connections with users to guide them towards specific actions that can be: increase brand authority, transmit your values, get traffic, get clicks, or increase your sales.

2.    What does a copywriter offer?

A copywriter is a professional dedicated to writing written content with which you can achieve the marketing objective you specify. A series of techniques are used to ensure the effectiveness of each copy.

3.    What should a good copywriter have?

A good copywriter must possess exceptional writing and communication skills, creativity to generate persuasive ideas, attention to detail, the ability to adapt to different tones and styles, and a solid understanding of the target audience and the marketing objectives to be achieved.

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