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About UX InfiniX

Our approach is based on understanding user needs and wishes to create engaging digital experiences. Hence, we develop customized digital marketing strategies to boost business profits.

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Our freelance digital marketing agency is committed to delivering modern and creative solutions to help our clients optimize the user experience and achieve their business goals. Our mission is to provide user-centric digital marketing services that combine strategic planning, user research, and professional execution.

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All-in-one UX solutions

We aim to create an all-in-one UX software that, through AI, detects UX failures at the company's digital level. In this way, a human can create a roadmap around those failures and enhance the digital journey for consumers.

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Team of marketing freelancers

Digital Marketing Team

Orlando Villegas Querales

Orlando Villegas

Business Manager
Thomas Jhonson

Thomas Jhonson

Content Manager
Elaine Carolina Romero

Elaine Romero

SEO Manager
Team of marketing freelancers

Asked Questions

We are a remote team of UX marketing creators who work with websites, SEO optimization, copywriting, funnels, logos, and social media management. Our goal in every project is to improve the final user experience to increase our client's ROI.

Our remote work team is located in Venezuela and United States. As a freelance digital marketing agency, we offer our services remotely. Moreover, we are on leading freelance platforms and work with companies worldwide.

Yes, you can book a meeting with our freelance team by filling out the contact form on our website. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project requirements and confirm a meeting date.

Absolutely! Before working, we sign a service agreement with the client to keep transparency and legal assurance.

The contract outlines the scope of work, project timelines, payment terms, and other relevant details.

We accept PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, Binance, Upwork, and Fiverr. Our service agreement outlines our payment terms and requires a deposit of 40% of the budget before starting the project.

After the first progress of the project, the client proceeds to pay another 40%, and after we make all the requested changes, the client completes 20% of the outstanding balance.

After agreeing on the whole project with our team and signing a service agreement, you choose Upwork/Fiverr as a payment method, and we send you the link to our Upwork/Fiverr account so you can contact us, and we will generate the invoice for the first amount.

The projects managed by Upwork/Fiverr have the support of this platform but charge 20% more due to Upwork/Fiverr's fees. Moreover, you can pay via Upwork/Fiverr only for the first payment or the whole project.

Team of marketing freelancers