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Best WordPress Websites

How to Create the Best WordPress Websites in Digital Marketing?

The demand for creating websites continues to increase by individuals and companies. And the best solution is to create WordPress websites, the most used web platform in the world; as you can imagine, that is no coincidence.

In addition, creating a website with WordPress is easy and cheap. If you add that to the fact that it is an open platform, that is, infinitely expandable and adaptable with tens of thousands of design templates. As many plugins add functionality, you have an explanation of its success and why it remains a far superior platform to its competition.

Are you ready to start this journey?

How to create WordPress websites Step by-step?

Creating WordPress websites is a simple and accessible process. With its intuitive interface and various templates and plugins, you can build a custom website without programming skills. I’ll show you how to create your WordPress website in this step-by-step guide.

1. Think well about what kind of website you want to create

It is a topic that deserves a whole post that aims to be published soon. I will summarize very briefly the most important guidelines:

Why are you creating this website? What is its theme? What is the audience you are targeting? It has to be very well-defined because a website that does not have a well-defined theme will not work. The “a little bit of everything” sites do not work.

How to create a WordPress website

If it is a personal website, choose a theme you enjoy creating content that motivates you in the long run. You also highly value the monetization potential if you have several candidate themes. It will not be an exceptionally “romantic” vision, but the reality is that a monthly income, although small, is very motivating.

And if it is a professional website, does it have a part in selling products or services? If so, you should take a step further and consider creating a WordPress online store.

2. How to choose a good domain for your WordPress website?

Choosing a suitable domain for your website is crucial since the virtual address will identify your site online. An appropriate domain should be easy to remember, represent your brand or content, and be relevant to your audience.

When choosing domain names for your WordPress websites, prioritize simplicity and memorability. Opt for a short, easy-to-pronounce name, avoid special characters, and ensure it reflects your brand or content.

3. How to hire the best hosting for WordPress?

Once you know which domain to use, hiring the domain and hosting for WordPress is time. It is also a delicate point because if you employ lousy hosting, your website will not only go wrong but also have many problems of crashes, etc.

If you are starting and this will be your only web project, you hire everything with the same provider.

4. Install WordPress on your hosting

Nowadays, installing WordPress on a host is trivial because, depending on your host, it comes pre-installed, or you can install it in a minute with the “one-click” wizards of the hosting providers.

However, if you care to tinker with the technical part, I recommend you try the “classic” or native WordPress installation where you don’t use the provider’s wizard.

You see much better how it is done (the PHP code files on one side, the database on the other, etc.), and you can parameterize much better the details if you like to have control over the details as in my case and, in total, you won’t spend much more than 5 or 10 minutes.

5. Adjust the basic WordPress settings

Once WordPress is installed, it’s time to customize some basic settings to be configured according to your preferences.

WordPress settings

From there, it is a personal matter if you want to customize the configuration further. After making the basic settings explained in the video, I suggest you review the other WordPress configuration options in case you find some interesting.

Also, since WordPress is so popular, if you have any questions about an option, search for it by name, and you will find plenty of information about it.

6. Choose the best WordPress theme for your website

As we said, the massive success of websites made with WordPress is due, among other things, to its infinite flexibility in design and functionality. On the design side, we have the WordPress themes or templates. These templates work like extensions that are installed separately on a WordPress website.

The most differential advantage of a WordPress website with your hosting compared to other platforms is that even with the cheapest hosting, you can access 100% of the possibilities of WordPress.

It means that you can install any theme or plugin that exists. In the accessible WordPress repository, there are thousands of themes and tens of thousands of plugins. But you also have an infinite number of commercial themes and plugins. The theme that comes installed by default is a straightforward theme that is usually not the most recommended. Generally, it pays to install a theme with more possibilities.

There are two main philosophies of themes:

“Pre-designed” themes: these are themes with relatively few customization parameters. Here, you can customize the logo, primary colors, fonts, and little else. Most free themes fall into this category. Websites with these themes are usually seen to have a certain resemblance to each other.

The “open” themes are the themes you can customize in detail, creating completely different designs with the same theme. You can make websites that look nothing alike with the same theme. One of the most successful themes of this type has been Divi.

To help you choose the best theme for your case, in the following post, I analyze in depth the most exciting options among the different free and paid options:

As there are thousands of themes, browsing themes can be tedious (although in this, the best WordPress themes posted above will help you a lot). On the other hand, depending on your theme, the most suitable design can vary a lot. For example, the ideal design for a news site (lots of text, many posts at once, etc.) will differ from the perfect design for an architect’s website (very image-oriented).

7. Install additional plugins for your website

WordPress, “out of the box,” is conceived as the essential core to creating a website. The idea is to make it as “light” as possible, and then everyone can expand it according to their needs.

For example, the usual thing is that you want to have a contact form, but a small percentage of websites do not need it. Why load all the web installations with that functionality if some do not need it? If you need it, you can put a contact form plugin.

Here, UX Infinix will review, on the one hand, plugins that are essential for most websites and others that can be very interesting to add. Of course, not without warning that the idea is not to add plugins to your website indiscriminately. Plugins add complexity to the code executed in WordPress and load the server with it. Some are very lightweight, but others impact the speed of the website.

Therefore, the philosophy has to be not to overdo it and only install plugins that add value. In addition, I advise you to do several web speed tests before and after installing a new plugin with tools like GTMetrix.

It will help you detect plugins that can be potentially detrimental to the speed of your website.

Essential plugins for WordPress websites

Plugins are a vital component of WordPress websites, offering additional functionality and customization options. With thousands of plugins available, it’s important to choose wisely. This guide will explore essential plugins that can enhance your website’s performance, security, SEO, and user experience for WordPress websites in the United States.


Although good hostings, like the ones I recommend above, all have a backup service included. Your website is too essential not to be doubly secured with a backup plugin.

WP Rocket

The speed of a website has always been critical, but with the introduction of Core Vitals by Google, it has become even more so. A slow website provides a bad user experience and makes it much more challenging to be at the top of Google results. WP Rocket is a paid plugin, but it is also the best.

GDPR Cookie Consent

As you may already know, in the European Union (and some other countries), it is mandatory by law to warn users about using cookies. With this plugin, you add the typical banner warning to WordPress. This plugin has the functionality you need and is the fastest.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

On many websites, you will want buttons to share content on social networks. With this plugin, you can add them easily.

WP Forms

Having a contact form is something basic on any website. WP Forms is the best free plugin for this that you can find.

Google Site Kit

Having analytical information on your website is mandatory because if you do not, you will be blind. You need to find out how many people visit you, which pages are the best performing, through which Google searches they have found your content, etc. This plugin will give you all this essential information to direct your strategy.


WordPress comes with the Akismet anti-spam plugin installed by default. But it is a relatively simple plugin; if you grow, it can fall short. Therefore, it is advisable to reinforce it and replace it with a more advanced plugin like this one.

Tables of contents

The user experience on a website improves significantly if the content has a good subtitle structure; they are also essential for SEO. With this plugin, you can also add a table of contents with these subtitles that is automatically generated.

Popup Builder

One of the most significant advantages of having WordPress websites is that you can capture contacts (leads) from users on a mailing list. While this can be done using WP Forms, you should consider popups because they get many more new contacts.


Creating the best WordPress websites in digital marketing requires careful planning, strategic implementation, and continuous optimization. You can build a website that engages your target audience and drives conversions by selecting a suitable theme, utilizing essential plugins, and focusing on high-quality content. Optimizing your website’s speed, SEO, and user experience will enhance its performance.

Regularly analyzing website analytics and making data-driven improvements will ensure that your website remains effective and aligns with your marketing goals. With WordPress’s flexibility and extensive range of tools, you have the power to create an exceptional website that stands out in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

If you need help creating a WordPress website, UX Infinix can develop an eye-catching online site for your business. Let us know your web project details!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How do I make a good WordPress website?

Choose a professional theme that suits your content and brand to make a good WordPress website. Customize it with your branding elements, optimize your site for speed and SEO, create engaging and valuable content, and regularly update and maintain your website.

2.   How do I make my WordPress site attractive?

Making your WordPress site attractive involves using visually appealing themes, high-quality images, and a clean and user-friendly design. Incorporate white space, use consistent fonts and colors, and organize your content effectively. Add interactive elements like sliders or video to enhance the visual appeal.

3.   Is it a good idea to build a website on WordPress?

Building a website on WordPress is a popular and reliable choice for many reasons. WordPress offers a user-friendly interface, countless themes and plugins for customization, excellent community support, and regular updates for security. It’s a versatile platform suitable for various websites, from blogs and portfolios to e-commerce and business sites.

4.   What kind of website is WordPress best for?

WordPress best suits content-based websites like blogs, news, portfolios, and business websites. It provides powerful content management features, easy publishing tools, and a range of plugins for enhancing functionality. It’s also suitable for e-commerce sites with the help of dedicated plugins like WooCommerce.

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