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Team of marketing freelancers

Why choose us?


We have a remote team of web designers, SEO specialists, copywriters, graphic designers, and data coordinators.


Our freelance marketing agency is focused on creating experiences that increase engagement, loyalty, and conversions.


We exploit customer insights and UX trends to create marketing strategies to achieve business outcomes.

Holistic approach

On our roadmap, we optimize all aspects of the customer journey to drive your business results.

Freelance Digital marketing service in the United States Marketing freelancer Freelance Digital marketing services in the United States
Team of marketing freelancers

Digital Marketing Services

Our professional freelancers provide digital marketing services focusing on UX. Click on the digital marketing service heading you need to display our work portfolio!

Website design service

Web Design

It focuses on creating user-friendly, appealing, and customized websites that provide a high-level customer experience.

Technical SEO service

Technical SEO

Optimize your website's technical elements, making it search engine friendly and improving its ranking on Google.

Copywriting service


Get compelling and engaging website content customized to your target audience in many formats to drive conversions.

Marketing Funnel service

Marketing Funnels

Guide the customer journey, from awareness to conversion, by creating targeted campaigns that skyrocket your leads.

Logo design service

Logo Design

Get unique and impressive logos representing your brand's identity and help it stand out from the competitors.

Social media services

Social Media

Share engaging content on social media platforms to create a community and increase your brand authority.

Team of marketing freelancers

UX InfiniX's Roadmap

Phase 01


Before starting any digital marketing services, our team will do research to define the UX business problems depending on the requested service.

  • Researching the audience
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Identifying buyer persona
Phase 02

Set Objectives

It involves creating rules to achieve the project's aims, such as increasing conversion rates, improving user engagement, or enhancing brand awareness.

  • Business value proposition
  • Niche trends
  • Target audience
Phase 03


The team creates a UX plan that will be a guideline based on the research and objectives to ensure that the final deliverable meets the user's needs.

  • User journey
  • Wireframes
  • Pain points
Phase 04


It's the creation of the digital assets based on the UX strategy. It may include web layout, content writing, graphic design, or data optimization.

  • Digital assets
  • Comparison options
  • Comments by the author
Phase 05

Internal revision

As a quality control policy, another team review the performance of the marketing project to check its compliance with the UX strategy outlined.

  • Deliverable overview
  • Suggested improvements
  • Final changes
Phase 06

Order delivery

When completing a digital marketing project, we ensure that all elements in the delivery are clearly organized and easily accessible to the client.

  • Final digital asset
  • UX plan
  • Feedback questionnaire
Freelance Digital marketing service in the United States Freelance Digital marketing agency in United States Marketing services Marketing freelancer

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